Mid-weight Full-stack Software Engineer- Australia

Mid-weight Full-stack Software Engineer- Australia

Job description

  • Greenfield project

  • Technology first company

  • Work with exciting AI & mobile tech

  • Join an experienced tech & product team

Ukufu* (pronounced oo - koo - foo) is a new AI powered content aggregation mobile application for professionals. 

Ukufu version 1.0 has recently been launched for Android and iOS! 

We recently closed a round of seed funding from a couple of smart and supportive investors, and we are excited for the next stage of our journey! 

Our mission is bold: Build an intelligence layer around the 10 000 English news-related content pieces that get published every day.  Then use this layer to power an easy-to-use category based content aggregation app that helps professionals efficiently consume content across multiple content sources.

We want to enable a content consumption experience that is simple to use, yet comprehensive in depth and breadth of content.

We are already 6 months into our journey. You can download the latest version of the app at http://ukufu.com.

Over the next 6 - 12 months, we will be focussed on stage 1, working closely with users to build something amazing that we can then scale up in stage 2. 


Our headquarters are in the Sydney CBD.


We work hard at fostering a focused and friendly workplace, where team members are able to do their best work.


We are looking for someone with outstanding technical experience, a mature attitude and a preference for working with a small smart team, to join us in the role of Senior Full Stack Software Engineer.


You will work directly with an experienced Tech Lead who has extensive Full Stack experience, and is also an AI specialist. Additionally, you will work with the CEO, as well as the development and product team.

We currently have a team of 7 and will be bringing it up to 9 over the next couple of months.

You should have 5+ years of experience working on both backend and frontend projects.

We are looking for someone who is experienced in working in the dynamic start-up environment.

You need to be based in Australia. 

Our current stack includes Flutter, Python, PHP, Kubernetes and AWS.

Salary = AU$77K package.

Job requirements

  • Experience in at least one of the following programming languages: Python, JavaScript, Java, Go.
  • Experience in one or more frameworks for building REST APIs: Django, Express, Spring, etc.
  • Experience as a Frontend/Mobile developer using any of the modern frameworks such as React, Angular, Flutter and/or native mobile experience in iOS/Android.
  • Good Grasp of SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience in working on high collaborative environment with structured git flows, code reviews and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Understanding of main development methodologies/frameworks like Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development and 12 Factor apps.
  • Mature attitude coupled with excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Exceptional attention to detail and the ability to manage multiple high priority projects and tasks.

  • Passion for solving complex technical problems.

  • Enjoy working in a fast-moving environment.

  • Previous experience on migrating PHP code.
  • Experience on AWS environment using Serverless tools like Lambda, Fargate and/or data pipelines such as kinesis/kafka.
  • Strong working knowledge of the latest Machine Learning techniques and technologies especially as they apply to Natural Language Processing.
  • Experience working remotely as a member of a distributed team.
  • Mobile application development experience.

  • Experience with Dart or Flutter.

  • Experience building an online product.

  • Relevant University Degree.

    Bonus Skills:

  • Has contributed to open source projects (provide examples if available).


Our application process usually includes one technical task, then a chat with 2-3 additional team members and a chat with the CEO.


* Ukufu comes from the Zulu word Ukufunda, which means “to learn”.